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China and Russia “in agreement” on Ukraine after G7 exile
March 3, 2014  12:52 PM EDT
Chinese government agrees with Russian stance on Ukraine and their statement about a "threat of violence from ultra-nationalists”
By Staff Writer
UKRAINE (INTELLIHUB) — This week, The Russian Foreign Ministry publicized a telephone conversation between Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi, that took place on Monday.
"The foreign ministers have exchanged their views on the situation in Ukraine. They noted a broad overlap of the Russian and Chinese views on the current situation in and around this country (Ukraine)," the Russian Foreign Ministry said.
This announcement came after Russia was expelled from the group of superpowers known as G8, a move that Russia and China both seem unphased by.
As more interests reach for the throne and pick their sides, alliances that were supposedly formed to prevent large wars, are actually in the process of setting up a large scale conflict.
In the past day the Russian government has made statements that they are prepared to attack if Ukrainian forces don’t surrender in Crimea.
Likewise, countries in the European Union have put forward similar ultimatums to Russia.
According to Reuters, the European Union will consider "targeted measures” against Russia if tensions do not start easing in Ukraine’s Crimea region.
France’s foreign minister, Laurent Fabius said that the EU wanted to see a return of Russian troops to their bases in Crimea, between now and Thursday, or they would be forced to take some kind of action.
"If there is not in the coming hours a very quick de-escalation, then we will decide concrete measures such as the suspension of all talks on visas, suspension of economic agreements and concretely that means that ties will be cut on lot of subjects,” he said.
"There could be targeted measures and that can also affect people, officials and their assets. We are extremely worried. The general tone is that the Russians appear to have decided to go even further. Europe must be firm.” he added.
There are many interests within western governments already calling for sanctions against Russia, with others even hoping for a full scale war.
Hopefully both can be prevented.
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